Unlimited freedom for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK design

When you start your CEWE PHOTOBOOK design with the CEWE app on your smartphone, you can save your project in CEWE myPhotos and open it in the CEWE Creator software for your PC or laptop. Now you can complete your design with additional options on a larger display.

Start in the app

  • Start your CEWE PHOTOBOOK design
  • Go to “Projects” in the main menu
  • Select the project you want
  • Click “Upload to CEWE myPhotos”

Finish up on PC/laptop

  • Open the CEWE Creator software on your PC/laptop.​
  • Click on 'My Projects'​
  • Download your project from CEWE myPhotos​
  • Complete your design

Open and edit a project from CEWE myPhotos

  • Go to the project overview
  • Click on 'Edit project' at the bottom and either continue editing in your browser or in the CEWE Creator software, depending on which platform your project was started with.