How can I organise all of my photos and videos in one place when my family and I all use different devices such as digital cameras, SLR cameras & smartphones?

A: Using our specially developed CEWE MYPHOTOS apps for mobile & desktop, you can quickly & easily organise all of your photos in one place in whatever way you’d like. For example, once you’ve taken a photo with your phone or tablet, you can upload the photos directly to CEWE MYPHOTOS. You’ll also have the option to create an event to organise your photos. If you’re using a digital camera, then you can do this using the CEWE MYPHOTOS desktop software. Of course this also applies to any photos & videos you’ve already saved onto your computer.

Q: What are Projects?

A: Projects are CEWE photo products that you design & order using our software for PCs/laptops, mobiles, tablets and online.

When designing your projects make use of CEWE MYPHOTOS, where all of your photos and videos have already been centrally stored in one place. You can save your projects at any time with CEWE MYPHOTOS, to complete your design at a later date, or save your finished design for a future order. Important: You can only retrieve a project on the application it was originally designed on. For example, a project created with the CEWE design software for PC can only be returned to using the software on a PC. The same applies to projects created either by mobile app or online.


How can I finally get all of my photos, videos and projects that are currently stored in many different places such as on cameras, computers, smartphones, tablets, memory cards, external hard drives, social networks or other locations into one safe place?

With CEWE MYPHOTOS you have the ability to securely store all of your photos, videos and projects in one place, giving you a complete overview and control over everything at all times.


How will my photos, videos & projects be stored at CEWE MYPHOTOS?

A: We always store your photos, videos & projects in full resolution. We also receive all metadata (e.g. the recording time) for your photos. Videos are saved in .mp4. Further format information can be found below.

Q: What sort of photo & video formats can I save with CEWE MYPHOTOS?

A: You can upload photos as .jpg, .tiff, .png and also in RAW format to your CEWE MYPHOTOS account. We currently store all your photos in .jpg format. If you save your photos on your computer, laptop or mobile device, you’ll always receive the original.

We save all videos in .mp4 format. In the event that you wish to save a video back onto your computer, this is done in the original format. You can upload a video in the following formats: .3g2, .3gp, .4xm, .a64, .amr,
.anm, .asf, .ass, .avi, .avm2, .avs, .bink, .cavsvideo, .cdg, cdxl, .dirac, .dnxhd, .dv, .dv1394, .dvd, .dxa, .ffmetadata, .filmstrip, .flic, .flv, .gif, .gxf, .h261, .h263, .h264, .image2, .image2pipe, .ingenient, .ipod, .iv8, .ivf, .libdc1394, .lmlm4, .m4v, .matroska, .webm, .mjpeg, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .mpeg1video, .mpeg2video, .mpegvideo, .mpjpeg, .mtv, .mvi, .mxf', .mxf_d10, .mxg, .nc, .null, .nut,
.nuv, .pmp, .psp, .pva, .r3d, .rawvideo, .rl2, .rm, .roq, .rpl, .rso, .rtp, .rtsp, .smjpeg, .smk, .svcd, .thp, .truehd, .vc1, .vcd, .video4linux2, .vmd, .vob, .vqf, .wtv, .x11grab, .xmv, .yuv4mpegpipe

We support the following RAW formats:

Cameras with Digital Negative Format Support:

Further supported cameras:

Q: I’m an ambitious DSLR photographer. What’s the maximum size allowed per photo that I can upload to my CEWE MYPHOTOS account?

A: We accept photos from all popular digital cameras up to a size of 100MB each.

Q: How can I quickly find the photos I’m looking for?

A: CEWE MYPHOTOS offers you the ability to ‘review’ photos with stars, as well as adding descriptions.

In future we’re going to be considering facial recognition software, geo-tagging and let you select favourites to give you even more ways to find your photos quickly.

Q: If I share my photos, videos & projects privately with my family or even publicly e.g. via social networks, will I be able to see later on where and with whom I’ve shared my photos?

A: CEWE MYPHOTOS gives you the power to stay in complete control of your photos, videos & projects. Through the web app (www.cewe-myphotos.com/webapp) you can create albums in your account and control how they’re shared with a specially created link. You can assign an individual password to the link and also specify an expiry date. On mobile you can publicly share photos using the CEWE MYPHOTOS app. In future it’ll also be possible to share projects.

Q: Can I edit my photos with CEWE MYPHOTOS?

A: Editing photos is currently possible with the CEWE MYPHOTOS desktop software. In the CEWE MYPHOTOS mobile app you can use filters to edit your photos. Further editing functions will be added to both the mobile and web apps. No editing functions are currently planned for SMART-TV. Videos cannot be edited using CEWE MYPHOTOS.

Q: How are my photos on CEWE MYPHOTOS kept safe?

A: CEWE MYPHOTOS stores all of your photos in Germany, in accordance with all German data protection regulations, in our own and CEWE-controlled data centres that are TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) certified. CEWE does not rely on any third-party storage service providers.

Q: How are my photos, videos and projects transferred to CEWE MYPHOTOS?

A: The transfer of your photos to CEWE MYPHOTOS is encrypted via https. This applies to both uploading and downloading photos or videos within CEWE MYPHOTOS.

Q: Can I also order products via CEWE MYPHOTOS?

A: Ordering photo products is possible via CEWE MYPHOTOS at your trading partner. We are constantly working to expand the entire CEWE photo product range.

In addition, we offer a very simple and convenient way to order products. So you can, for example select an event and receive an immediate product suggestion, e.g. a CEWE PHOTOBOOK or CEWE CALENDAR and if you wish you can place an order immediately. If you have rated your photos and videos in advance, the result will be even better.

Q: How can I get my photos and videos on my new smartphone if for example I previously used a Samsung Android smartphone and I’ve now changed to an Apple iPhone with the iOS operating system?

A: If you’ve saved your photos with CEWE MYPHOTOS, then you can simply download them from your CEWE MYPHOTOS account using the CEWE MYPHOTOS smartphone app either for Android or iOS. Alternatively, you will still have access to all of your photos online via CEWE MYPHOTOS.

Q: Do I have to take into account when using CEWE MYPHOTOS for example that I use an iPhone, my kids own an Android smartphone and I work on my Windows PC at home?

A: You don’t have to worry about a thing. We have specially developed apps for all operating systems and devices. So whether you’re using a computer or a smartphone, there’s an app to allow you to use and have fun with CEWE MYPHOTOS.

Q: Can I immediately upload, view and access photos & videos that I’ve taken while travelling?

A: Yes. Once you’re connected to the internet, you can access all of your photos & videos that you’ve saved with CEWE MYPHOTOS, view them, show them to others, share them or even place an order. Simply use our specially developed apps for smartphones, tablets or computers and go online wherever you are.

Q: Can I use CEWE MYPHOTOS, even if I don’t want to save my photos or videos online?

A: CEWE MYPHOTOS can also be used offline on your smartphone or PC. That said, you won’t get all of the advantages of CEWE MYPHOTOS offline. However, our apps are still very useful for the local organisation, editing and evaluating of your photos.

Q: What can CEWE MYPHOTOS offer compared to other online storage options?


Q: How much does online storage with CEWE MYPHOTOS cost and are the apps free?

A: We offer up to 10 GB of storage for free as long you log in at least once a year:

10 GB free as long you log in once a year
50 GB £13.99 year
100 GB £26.99 year
250 £62.99 year
500 GB £84.99 year

The use of our apps for smartphones, tablets and computers is free.

Q: How does CEWE MYPHOTOS help me with photos/videos that I’ve already taken and archived?

A: Your photos and videos from other archives can be centrally collected using CEWE MYPHOTOS where you can then organise, edit and evaluate them. You can change the dates on photos manually to arrange them into correct chronological order.

Q: Will CEWE MYPHOTOS help to improve the performance of my smartphone? I’ve saved far too many photos on it and it’s slowing down but I don’t want to lose my pictures.

A: Once you’ve uploaded the photos from your smartphone to your CEWE MYPHOTOS account, your photos are safely stored online and you can delete them from your smartphone to free up space. Your device’s performance should improve and best of all, now you can take pictures again!

Q: Where can I use CEWE MYPHOTOS?

A: CEWE MYPHOTOS can be used anywhere, whether online or offline, no matter your device or operating system, whether they be smartphone, tablet or PC.

Q: How can I use CEWE MYPHOTOS as a customer of a CEWE trading partner?

A: CEWE MYPHOTOS is offered in close co-operation with our trading partners. You can reach CEWE MYPHOTOS directly or via your trading partner.

Q: Shared Albums – (Group Mode)

A: Invite your friends, relatives and colleagues to upload their photos or videos to an album you all share. Save time and hassle by collecting all your photos of an event using the album sharing function: ‘Others may upload photos/videos.’

Q: Automatic Upload (Mobile Only)

A: You can activate automatic upload in the settings on your mobile device. Photos uploaded automatically are uploaded into the ‘Automatic Upload’ directory by default. Choose whether your photos should always be saved into a folder, or split into daily, weekly or monthly event folders.